our story

2020 was a doozie. But it did bring us something – our favorite family pastime of being out on the water together. “CiCi” was our boat for 2 boat/camping seasons, and it allowed us to get bit by the boat bug. The four of us, plus Hank, absolutely fell in love with taking out the boat to different marinas, spending the night, and spending lots of time on the Chesapeake Bay. During those years, we learned our favorite spots to go and saw some amazing sights along the way.

Fast forward to 2022 where we came across “Honey” and just knew she was the boat to start our dream of owning a charter. Fishing? It’s fun, but we love just getting out on the bay, and figured lots of other people would too! Boating together and exploring has been something we’ve enjoyed so much as a family, and truly given us experiences we will remember forever (the good and the welp, ‘that happened’).

Eric’s grandfather, “Pop” would be proud to see his grandson today. He chartered a fishing boat right here in Kent Island – Robert Stauffer – captain of Fox Hunter III. You can see a model of his boat in the primary bedroom of our house!