Fairhope, Alabama
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Our Exquisite Brickwork

Take a close look...

While enjoying the beauty of the grounds and vistas at Away at the Bay, take special notice of our brickwork. It is the career crowning masterpiece of Mr. Peter Hening, who with his helper, created an enduring work of fine craftsmanship. 

About Master Craftsman Peter Hening

Author Billy Thrash

"Peter is a German and American brick mason. After WWII Peter was trained by the West German government and participated in the rebuilding of Germany. Later he immigrated to the U.S. and settled on the Eastern Shore, where is credited with building many commercial buildings and private houses. He is skilled in all forms of masonry including wall construction, tile laying, and chimney construction. Personally, he is most proud of his gardening skills and raises most of his food in his back yard.


During WWII, most of the men in Peter's family were away in the army. Peter's mother moved the children to Poland to escape the devastating bombing of Germany. His life in Poland was tough. Peter and his brothers and sisters walked the roads, sometimes all night, in search of dead animals. They were told not to come home until they found something for the family to eat.


Toward the end of the war, the Russians overran Poland and Peter found himself behind what would soon be known as The Iron Curtain. Therefore, Peter lived and survived under both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.


Next, his family moved to East Germany. One day, communist authorities ordered Peter and some of his classmates to report to the police station. Hearing this, Peter's uncle smuggled Peter into West Germany on the back of a motorcycle.


One of Peter's crowning achievements is the bed and breakfast building, Away at the Bay, located at 577 N. Mobile Street, Fairhope, Alabama."

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